Review of 'Great Fire Forensics'


This free afternoon talk was presented by Fire Investigator Peter Mansi as part of the Great Fire 350 festival - A festival commemorating the 350th anniversary of the “Great Fire” of London in 1666. In this one hour talk Mr. Mansi explained how he was commissioned a few years ago by the Worshipful Company of Firefighters, a City Livery Company, to apply modern day forensics to determine the cause of the Great Fire. Using a slide show he helpfully began his talk with a brief summary of the science of fires and their causes. A discussion of how the fire spread across the city, overlaid on a modern map was frightening but useful to demonstrate the numerous points presented. His summary of the various possibilities as to the cause of the fire and his conclusions regarding each was very insightful and interesting. He has been unable to conclusively determine the cause due to lack of conclusive evidence. The only disappointment was that while there was time for questions at the end, the audience all got up and left so no one could hear what was being asked or said…

Very interesting, if slightly disappointing, talk. I have been so intrigued by this talk that I have even purchased the book with his detailed analysis for further reading ("The Great Fire of London, 1666: A Cold Case Fire Investigation"). Despite being at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday the talk was very well attended with pretty much all of the seats in the small theatre filled up. It was obvious that Mr. Mansi was restricted by time in what he presented but he did very well and made his points very clearly.


Review Date: 2016-09-07

Museum of London

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The Museum of London is a great introduction to the city and it's people. The main exhibition area covers the history of London in chronological order starting with pre-historical man up to the present day. It is also home to the Lord Mayor's incredible carriage and a fantastic display on the Great Fire of London.

Another fantastic, free museum that is well worth a visit. Regular events and exhibitions keep it fresh and interesting. Facilities are incredible and very modern.