Along the Yarra

Melbourne is a young, vibrant, and growing city. Not terribly suited for tourists, there are few sites of interest. The Queen Victoria Market provides a vast array of food, clothing and many other items on almost every day (though items change depending on the day - check before you set out). The best time to visit the market is early in the day.

There are a large number of shopping and eating areas located in the centre of the city offering a variety of cuisine. Prices tend to be fairly reasonable and few offer take-away.

The best thing to do in Melbourne is to walk along the river beside the new casino and shopping complex (the Crown Casino), to Prices Bridge then walk through the middle of the city. Some streets are closed to traffic which offers a great way to shop.

Trams are plentiful in the city and motorists should always be on the lookout for them. There is a free tram line that runs around the central area though it runs only during the day and seems to be only EXTREMELY rarely.

Motorists should also pay attention to the rules regarding turning right at many intersections in the city due to the tram lines running along the middle of the road. You are required to go into the far LEFT lane should you wish to turn right and you will receive a special traffic signal indication when it is safe to turn right.