Review of 'Din Tai Fung'

Ever since I visited Shanghai I have been a huge fan of “Xiaolongbao” - These are “soup” dumplings in that they contain a delicious broth surrounding the meat middle. When I was visiting the GBC recently and saw the signs on the High Street I knew I had to visit…

I love...

There are often queues here but it is worth the visit and you don't tend to linger in any case. I was shown to a table at the back of the large open restaurant featuring a glass walled section in the middle where the dumplings are made by the talented chefs (I spent several minutes before leaving taking pictures and watching their nimble fingers quickly make the little bundles of joy with stacks of steamers all around).

The Chefs

On being seated I was given a menu then a short time later asked if I wanted to have their “Din Tai Fung House Special” (PHP 155) which was a slightly vinegary light salad of beansprouts and what I have to assume is seaweed. Quite tasty and a large portion…


Looking at the menu I had to try the dumplings which, of course, feature prominently in the “Xiao Long Bao” section. Generally they are offered in either 5 or 10 pieces so, being by myself, I stuck to the 5 pieces so I could try several. All dumplings are accompanied by a small plate of ginger and there are dipping sauces on the table. Helpfully every table includes directions about how to correctly eat the dumplings as I believe some diners actually (shock horror!) make the mistake of piercing the dumpling, thereby losing the precious liquid inside, prior to eating. The instructions put them right along with information about the various dipping sauces available. One must do things correctly.


I began with “Green Squash and Shrimp Xiao Long Bao” (PHP 160/5 pieces, PHP 315/10 pieces) which was good but not really tasty given that it was just squash and shrimp. I also found them quite small, but this is just me being picky (and perhaps a bit greedy).


I had to order their signature dish “Pork Xiao Long Bao” (PHP 160/5 pieces, PHP 315/10 pieces) though I should have ordered 10 - Wonderful little bundles of happiness. Yes, small, but full of delicious flavour with the broth bursting in the mouth. Served fresh from the steamer in the bamboo tray directly to the table, piping hot and wonderful. The dumpling wrapper is light just serving as a container for the joy within.

Having tried their trademark dumplings I asked for the menu back ordered something from another section of the menu, the “Pot Stickers & Snacks” section, choosing the “Shrimp and Pork Pot Stickers” (PHP 220/6 pieces). They took a long time to arrive on the table but these simple fried dumplings, oddly arranged in a rectangular shape with the fried side up on the plate, were quite tasty and worth the wait though not as crispy as I might have expected on the fried side. Without the dipping sauce they had little flavour on their own.

Pot Stickers

Throughout my visit the staff were very helpful and the service (except for the pot-stickers) very quick and efficient. The busy and somewhat noisy interior means I would not want to spend much time here though as much of the time should be spent enjoying the wonderful dumplings. Perhaps not the best I have ever had (you can't beat “Nan Xiang Steamed Dumpling Restaurant” in Shanghai, seriously) but they are certainly prepared with care and attention. Price wise it was a bit on the expensive side for the area and considering the amount of food you are given.

Still, worth a visit.



Review Date: 2017-03-12

Cuisine: Chinese

Address: C1 Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Philippines

Location: Manila (Philippines) - Bonifacio Global City



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Telephone: +632 809 1865