Review of 'Salm Braeu'

I am not a big one to eat at a restaurant just around the corner from a hotel when told by the staff that it is “truly authentic” and “very good”. I tend to be highly suspicious of this based on past experience. Rule of thumb: Restaurants in hotels tend to be overpriced and generally not very good. Another rule of thumb: Restaurants right beside hotels have the same problem. Yet another rule of thumb: Rules of thumb are not always true.

In this case we were pleasantly surprised with “Salm Braeu”, only a few minutes from our hotel. It has a buzzing atmosphere and serves great, hearty, food. It isn't fancy and the service can be a bit brusk, but it is good and the prices are certainly quite reasonable. We visited two times when we were in the city and both times we were pleasantly surprised.

Entering from the street there is a small courtyard with a number of long and individual tables set out which are mostly used by drinkers (they have their own brewery and their beers are quite good I understand from my companion). Indoors the first floor consists of several large, long rooms and I understand there is a basement (but we did not visit). At the back of the courtyard you can have a look at a few of the vats they brew the beer in. Both times we were seated on the ground floor inside despite the heat. The interior has a number of historical pictures on the walls and the wooden tables and chairs are all quite plain. The restaurant is quite an attraction and there are even souvenirs for sale (including bottles of their various beers).


The massive beer stein shaped menu is available in English and has good descriptions of everything. There are “snacks”, “vegetarian and without meat”, “Out of Grandma's Cookbook” (which I kept returning to), “Dishes from the Pan”, “Delicacies”, “For Gourmets” (another favourite section of mine), “House Speciality” (consisting of a MONSTROUSLY HUGE ham hock-based dish and spare-ribs with many, many side dishes included), “Fish” and desserts.

On our first visit I started with the “Leberknödelsuppe” (“liver dumpling soup”; €3.80) which was absolutely delicious. The broth was incredibly tasty though I could have perhaps done with a bit of a smaller dumpling as it is quite filling…On our second visit I had learned not to order starters!

Liver Dumpling Soup

For my main I had the “Tafelspitz” (boiled filet of beef with “Crémespinat” - cream spinach - and rösti - fried potato cake; €15.50) that was very tender if, unfortunately, a bit bland though the sauce that accompanied it was very good. The rösti was disappointing being more like hash browns you might get at McDonald's rather than what I have previously tasted in Germany.


The cream spinach (Crémespinat) was served in a bowl on the side and was absolute heaven - Deliciously smooth with not a trace of bitterness.


My companion tried the “Wiener Schnitzel (vom Kalb)” (original veal Viennese schnitzel with parsley potatoes and cranberries; €17.90) which was quite tasty but a bit dry (for me). She had this with a “chef's salad” (€3.50) which was quite a generous hearty salad with a very tasty yogurt dressing.


This time I selected the “Bauernschmaus” (“Farmer's Banquet”; smoked meat, sausages, roast pork, bread dumpling and beer cabbage; €12.80) from the “Out of Grandma's Cook Book” section of the menu. It was a huge dish with a lot of good flavour in particular the beer cabbage. I found the bread dumpling incredibly filling. The meats were tender and cooked wonderfully.


My companion went for the “Huhnerfilt Natur” (“Chicken Schnitzel”; €11.40) with her favourite “chef's salad” option (“mixed salad with stripes of cheese and tender ham, with yoghurt dressing”). I found the chicken quite bland and boring but it was very juicy in it's batter.

Huhnerfilt Natur

Though not their home-brewed beers I really enjoyed the “Schartner Orange” (€3.90) soft drink here as it is an orange soft drink but not sweet (in a huge bottle). For someone who does not drink it is nice to have something not so sickly sweet. My companion did try some of their beer. The “Salm Braeu HELLES” (€3.40) which she found very good indeed - It is a light, pale, beer that is described in the menu as a “…typical Viennese beer type, less hops but a full bodied fruity aroma, very soft to drink and always inviting to get more.” She is not a big beer drinker but really enjoyed this.


Yeah, ok, it is a bit hokey with some of the waiters/waitresses dressed up in “traditional” clothing and the OTT interiors but the food here appears to be quite authentic and is quite good indeed (as are the beers, I am now told). The flavours are generally fairly bland but I think that is typical of this type of food. The prices are reasonable, the service is helpful and prompt.

I have to say, my rules of thumb need updating…Certainly recommended if you are in Vienna.


Review Date: 2017-07-08

Cuisine: Austrian

Address: Rennweg 8, 1030 Wien, Österreich

Location: Vienna (Austria)



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Telephone: +43 1 799 599 2