Review of 'Bleach: Memories of Nobody'

bleach_memories_of_nobody.jpg Bleach is a series of shows about a soul collector (something like a Grim Reaper) named Ichigo who runs around with a massive sword (taller than he is!)…When he is in “reaping” mode (otherwise he looks just like a normal teenager). There is an outbreak of “blanks” (empty souls) and a link appears to have been connected between our world and the Soul Society that threatens to destroy both. A female reaper, Senna, who appears unaware of who or what she is but scarily aware of who she was in reality (unheard of in reapers) appears to be the key to disconnecting the two worlds and saving all. The animation is fairly simple as you would expect from this series which is a very successful manga and anime series. The fantastic world is very much brought to life with the requisite never-ending sequences of high-flying martial arts sprinkled throughout. The voice acting is very emotive and the story quite interesting even for myself who have little exposure to the whole world of “Bleach”. The ending is quite poignant – refreshingly so. Enjoyable.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2008-10-05

Directed by: Noriyuki Abe

Studio: Toho Company

Year: 2006

Length: 87 minutes

Genre: Animation