Review of 'Red Bull Air Race: London'

An amazing event - Where else can you see small aircraft less than 100 feet off the ground racing through an obstacle course of 25m inflatable pylons. We attended on the actual race day, Sunday (Saturday is qualifying). The day was not just racing, of course, but had a number of additional air displays including “Air Corps Apache” (attack helicopter), “RAF Chinook” (double helicopter) and “Breitling Wing Walkers” (yes, woman walking on the wings of a biplane). There are a series of rounds before they get down to the final 4.

I have watched the races on television and, to be honest, that is probably the best view but I was surprised that we could see as much as we did. We had a grounds ticket rather than paying the enormous sums being asked for the seats in the upper levels of the stands (which typically just gave you a seat and not even any food for something like £100 or more vs the ground ticket costing £40). We were positioned in the terraces just below the Royal Box and had a great view of pretty much the whole race course except for one pylon blocked from our view by a television screen. The terraces were better than being right up against the fences surrounding the race course as the fences are quite high and block your view.

There were a number of displays throughout the site though you needed special passes to get closer to the planes parked to the left of the stands. Even without a pass we were only 30 or 40 feet away from the planes and pilots as they walk by. These planes are SMALL but incredibly agile. Being able to see the pylons up close was pretty interesting too.

A great day out and an amazing spectacle. Sure, you might get a bit tired of seeing the planes racing by in front of you but with the variety of things to see in the air throughout the day. I was very happy to see Paul Bonhomme win as he is one of the pilots that I remember from watching the races over the years on television. Sure, he is older but an excellent pilot and was certainly the favourite.


Review Date: 2015-08-16

Ascot Racecourse

Location: London (England)

Address: Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7JX ENGLAND

Public Transport: NRLOGO Ascot

Telephone: +44 (0)844 346 3000


Obviously geared primarily for the horse races for which Ascot is famous, the facilities are first class all the way. Very good food and at reasonable prices. The track is grass as is the ground between the track and the stands with benches set out at intervals. The stands at ground level consist of terraces but, of course, with the big money upstairs the facilities are much better. If you visit be sure to wander around a bit…

The winners circle is immediately between the front gates and the stands with standing area in terraces all around. There is a lot of grass here as well. The entire grounds are tranquil and quite beautiful. Parking and traffic can be a problem so be sure to secure your parking pass before coming or take the train in with only a short walk from the train station.