Review of 'Drive In Film Club: Mad Max Fury Road'

The Roof Top Film club has been around for a while now where they show films on the top of several iconic (and not so iconic) buildings in London. I am attracted to the unusual ways and places to see movies so when I learned of the Drive In Film Club a few years ago I was determined to give it a go. The cost (£22) might seem steep but when you consider this is the cost of the car - no matter how many people are in it - This is not that bad.

The range of films they show is a bit limited (with the highlight, it seems, being the “Sing-A-Long Grease” showing) but we decided on “Mad Max: Fury Road” for the show we would see. Receiving our tickets in email we drove across town to Alexandra Palace, up the hill, following the signs to the car park to the east of the palace. A booth was set up at the entrance where our ticket was scanned and we were shown where to park. We were close so were only two cars from the front, right in the middle (best view in my opinion though a bit close to watch through the tiny windows of our Mini so we had to put the seats back in order to see the full screen). The screen is a giant inflatable deal that delivers quite a good looking picture. The audio of the movie is broadcast via radio so we just tuned the car radio to the correct frequency.

At the back of the car park the local hot dog specialist Popdogs was set up offering four delicious hot dogs (we tried all except the veggie - they were all excellent and gone in seconds…) - With the most expensive being £7 (note that they offer fries as well though this is not on the menu). This was not the only option for food though, if you flash your hazard lights in your car a friendly waitress (yeah, they really were!) will come over on roller skates to take your order of cinema snacks - Soft drinks, candy and popcorn. They even take bank and credit cards! They were taking orders up to an hour into the film so no hurry either…

The experience was great - The film looked and sounded surprisingly amazing through the window of the car. The audio was excellent and screen very clear. Certainly much better than the first time I saw the movie on a tiny screen on the back of a seat on a plane. How was the film? See my original review here.

All in all, a fun and interesting experience. Would certainly do it again. Drive In Film Club are very well organized and offer a great experience. They have given the whole thing a lot of thought. They obviously love film and the experience of film watching.


Review Date: 2016-04-14

Alexandra Palace

Location: London (England)

Address: Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY

Public Transport: NRLOGO Alexandra Palace TUBE Wood Green

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8365 2121


Alexandra Palace is hard to miss - Just look for the glass palace on the top of the hill in the north side of London. This is also home of a television antenna that broadcast the first television signals (and also featured in a Doctor Who episode!).

It is home to a lot of regular events including fireworks, food festivals, antique shows and a permanent indoor ice rink. It is difficult to get to as the nearest tube station is about a 25 minute walk away and the last bit, of course, all up hill. Great views of London from the top though…The grounds are well tended with flowers throughout.